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NHP Education Consultants is mainly a Bangladesh based education consultancy firm serving students to attain their career aspirations.

NHP Education Consultants is one of the most prestigious Education Consultancy Firms in Bangladesh. NHP eventually is one of the pioneers in Foreign Education Consultancy. From its beginning it has been working with high reputation in all over the country. In the provincial metropolis of Dhaka, NHP is the apparent leader in terms of quality.

NHP Education Consultants is a modern educational organization with international collaboration which offers new avenues by providing education counselling to Bangladeshi students and professionals.

NHP Education Consultants’ trained counsellors advise students on careers in demand and try to match it with the students’ educational background, aptitude and aspirations. The counsellors are not just trained on options but have often also visited the institutions. The experiences of past students are referred to and all this makes the process comprehensive.

NHP Education Consultants has a strong commitment to forming working partnership and collaborations with international education organization. It has already established strong and expanding links with partners around the world.

However, if you need any clarifications on any issue or if you require any more information, please call personally or telephone/e-mail our friendly staff who will assist you.

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